Alley (路地裏?) is a gameplay area in Resident Evil 2.


A mass of discarded scraps and bags of trash fill the area. The end of the alley was blockaded by one of Kendo's work vans.


RE2 City Area A map 03

The location on the map.

In both Leon A and Claire A, if the player didn't trigger the event where the zombies attack Robert in while in the Gun shop, checking the door back to go back in or talking a few steps away will trigger a short event where the player hears the window shattering and Robert screaming.

There will be two zombies behind that fence. They can be fired at. Walking past the fence will trigger an event where one zombie plus weather or not the other two are still alive break open door on the fence. This area is now connected to the Basketball court with one zombie in the middle of the court.

There is a pack of H. Gun Bullets at the end of the Alley in the Kendo van that contains 30 ammo in the original version, and 15 in Dual Shock ver.