Shopping district east (商店街東?) is an area in Raccoon City, located on Flower Street.This area is featured in Resident Evil 2


Immediately following the opening scene of the game, Leon and Claire are separated on either side of the wrecked truck. There are police barricades not too far beyond the wreckage. The northern walls of the Raccoon City Police Department sit across the street.


RE2 City Area B map 01

The location in the "B" scenario.

A number of zombies are gathered in the area and should be dodged in order to reach the next room. No items are found in either area and there are no examinations. In the Nintendo 64 version of the game, the Ex-file, Mercenary's log, can be found on the hot dog stand on the "B" scenario side of the street.


Resident Evil 2

There are no executable examines in the area. However, there is a unique prologue message that appears in both scenarios. There is also an Ex-file that can be found on the N64 version of the game.

Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Prologue At the same time, at the same place.

You have to survive this nightmare
to know the true end.





Prototype backgrounds

Further notes

  • In Resident Evil 2, a visible street sign at the intersection of the crash shows that the street was originally named "Raccoon St." instead.
  • Japanese versions of the game display the prologues in English.
  • Some versions of the game do not feature the game prologue. On disc versions of the game, the prologue was put in place to mask the room loading time. It is possible that it was removed in non-disc versions due to the advanced loading speed on cartridges and hard drives.
  • The "B" scenario features a business, Paul's Burgers, that originally sported a large advertisement for a Coca-Cola parody beverage, "Cool Soda". These signs could be found across all pre-release versions of Resident Evil 2 as well as the original black label version of the game. In later releases of the game, it is changed into another "Paul's Burgers" sign.