The gas station (ガソリンスタンド gasorinsutando?) is a location in Resident Evil 6.[2][Note 1] It is the final location explored in Chapter 1-4 of the Leon Story.


Upon entering the area, there is a checkpoint and a scene where an overhead shot of the area can be seen. The camera will focus on three surviving citizens[Note 2] cornered at the gas station fighting several zombies. There are two barrels in the area. After killing a number of zombies in the area, there is a scene where a Shrieker appears on top of a truck. After this, the survivors will move away from the corner of the gas station[Note 3] to the south.

Once the Shrieker is killed, the camera will focus on a runaway vehicle[Note 4] that swerves into the area and crashes into the corner of the gas station. It will knock over a row of gas pumps along the way. The vehicle will hit the player if they are in its path. Depending on where the player is hit, they will enter the dying state or receive a game over. A number of U.S. Special Forces zombies will spawn in the area after the crash.

After a certain amount of time, the gasoline spraying out of the broken pumps can be shot or hit with a grenade or remote bomb. A scene will trigger where the gas station is caught in an explosion. The explosion will wipe out all of the zombies in the area. The player can ignite the spray at any time without damaging themselves or their partner. If the player waits to ignite the spray, the camera will keep focusing on it.

Once the scene is over, two cars that were blocking the alley are cleared out of the way. The survivors will run down the alley and jump over a gate. The gate is a Partner Action door.

After entering the gate, chapter 1-5 begins in the gun shop (1F).


Further notesEdit

  • The gasoline that sprays out of the broken pumps needs to be ignited in order to advance. It cannot be shot or bombed by the partner character in Single Player mode nor can any of the survivors ignite it.
  • The Serpent Emblem from the previous room can still be broken, even after the gas station explodes.



  1. The Japanese name for this room translates to "gasoline stand".
  2. The Official Complete Guide calls these survivors "citizens" (市民 shimin?).
  3. The Official Complete Guide names this area the "corner of the gas station" (ガソリンスタンドの隅 gasorinsutando no sumi?).
  4. In the Official Complete Guide, the car is referred to as a "runaway vehicle" (暴走した車 bōsō shita kuruma?).
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