DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of Anderson's Films)

Claire Redfield's convoy was a group of refugees who traveled North America. It was led by Claire Redfield.


The initial convoy was made up of three vehicles. An ambulance was recovered in Dallas, Texas full of medical supplies. A schoolbus was recovered in Omaha and used by History teacher Otto Walenski to house child refugees. Thirdly was an Enco oil tanker, which was found on the I-70 in Missouri full of oil. The convoy then moved to California, where the three traveled to the abandoned Fort Irwin National Training Center in San Bernardino County. There, they obtained a Humvee and an 8x8. Armor plating was also salvaged for use on the schoolbus. They also modified the schoolbus to have gun ports as they stopped at the San Diego Naval Yards. [1]

Another vehicle was added to the convoy when the convoy moved through Colorado, where they met up with reporters in a Denver TV news truck.[1]

The majority of the convoy was killed in Las Vegas by the Super Undead. The remained took an Umbrella helicopter to a safe haven in Alaska.


Name Role Date joining Death Notes
Fred An-dreassi 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel
Lyndon Barry Radio communicatioons 2002 Before 2007 Former KT-3 news cameraman
Becky Child survivor
Dorian 2007 Died in Las Vegas
Michael Faerber Radio communications 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel
Elizabeth Grier 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel
Morgan Hertweck 2007
Ida Child survivor
Monique Lang 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel
Chase Macavoy 2007 Died in Las Vegas
Blair Manfredi 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel
Dillon Mathews 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel
Kenneth Mi-naya 2007
Cliff Nadaner 2007
Carlos Olivera 2007
Jared Peters 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel
E. Richard Price 2007
Claire Redfield Convoy leader 2002
Erica Simone 2007 Died in Las Vegas
Peter-Michael Sullivan
Pablo Villanueva 2007
Otto Walenski School bus driver 2007 Killed at the Desert Trail Motel
Lloyd Jefferson Wayne 2007 Killed in Las Vegas
Jason Williams 2007 Killed at Desert Trail Motel

Sources Edit

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