Prime universe
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Further notes

Appearance and Wardrobe

Resident Evil 2


Claire's cycling skinsuit in Resident Evil 2.

Claire is a fair-skinned woman with a slightly above-average height and a thin physique. Her hair is long, resting below her neck while held up, and is a natural auburn in color. Her eyes are light blue. In the FMV scenes of the game, her hair is brown instead of auburn and her eyes are a darker blue. Her in-game model also has brown hair, and her eyes are inconspicuously more green-toned.

Claire's outfit in Resident Evil 2 consists of a black, one-piece skinsuit worn under a pink vest and pink cutoff shorts. The "Made in Heaven" design is on the back of her vest; she gives the vest to Sherry upon reaching the laboratory. She is equipped with a combat knife holstered in a brown sheath on the left of her vest. She also wears brown, calf-length boots, black, fingerless gloves, a tan belt, and a brown holster concealed by her vest. She wears her hair in a high ponytail and parts her fringe down the center.

Her alternate costume is found in the lockers of the Dark Room; unlocked with the Special Key. It consists of a dark blue, denim jacket with red and yellow flame designs on the sleeves. The "Let Me Live" design is on the back of the jacket. Beneath the jacket is a red crop-top. She wears denim jeans that match the jacket, and brown, cowboy boots. She also wears a red bandana and earrings, and the same belt and gloves from her original outfit.

In the N64 version, this outfit is replaced with one which features the Angel Studios logo on the back; the company that did this port. It is mostly purple, with a black, leather collar and shoulders, an indigo and red bandanna, a mauve belt and straps across her torso, and red accents on the jacket and pants. The outfit also features black recolors of her original boots and knife sheath, and three buckles down her torso with wide gaps that expose her skin.

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica

Resident Evil CODE Veronica - Claire Redfield render (front)

Claire as she appears in "CODE: Veronica"

During the events of Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, Claire's long auburn hair becomes darker and is tied in a high ponytail and her eyes are blue in both her CGI and her in-game appearance.

In the FMV scenes, her auburn hair is her natural color and her eyes are unchanged.

Claire has on a red vest with a design resembling three flames on the left side of the front and the "Let Me Live" design on the back. She wears a low cut black T-shirt underneath her vest, as well as denim jeans and brown shoes. She also dons brown fingerless gloves, a red belt, and a pink choker.

Claire Code Veronica Battle End

Claire in her alternate outfit as seen the End screen of the "Battle Mode"

She has an alternate costume in the Battle Game which consists of a red, black, and white tank top with the Umbrella logo on the front and shorts with "Umbrella" written on the sides. She also has white high-heel boots as well as red and white sunglasses on her head. Claire is also shown sporting a red skin-tight biker suit after completing the Battle Game in her default costume, but she never appears in-game wearing this outfit.

Since CODE: Veronica and onwards, Claire is depicted to have a long auburn hair and blue eyes during the real life cutscenes in later Resident Evil games and the color of her outfits are either pink or red.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles


Redesigned version of Claire's Resident Evil 2 outfit.

In the Memories of a Lost City scenario of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Claire sports a redesigned version of her undergrad apparel from Resident Evil 2. Her skinsuit is separated into two pieces that are now covered with denim shorts and a red vest featuring a much wider collar and buttons instead of a zipper. She wears more western-style boots and her gloves are noticeably shorter. She also has sunglasses hanging down from her neck and a western-style side bag attached to her belt. This new look was used in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City as well.

Claire redfield darkside chronicles veronica

Claire in her reimagined "Veronica" outfit in "Game of Oblivion"

In the Game of Oblivion scenario, Claire wears an updated version of her prisoner attire from CODE: Veronica. Everything remains the same except for a few minor changes. Her vest has a popped collar as well as a zipper instead of buttons and her jeans have holes in them. Her belt buckle is redesigned and her choker and gloves are both now black. Her hairstyle is also altered slightly and is instead parted on the left side of her head and pulled down into a low ponytail.

Claire's alternate biker costume includes a white leather jacket with the Made in Heaven logo on the back and a small black corset underneath. She wears black leather jeans and black shoes as well. It is completed with black fingerless gloves with studs and a black studded belt with a black and white pouch attached to the back. Her western costume includes a white long-sleeved shirt with floral print, brown boots, and brown chaps worn over black pants with suspenders. She also has a black cowgirl hat tied around her neck and left hanging on her back.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Claire Redfield Mercenaries 3D

Claire's appearance in "The Mercenaries 3D"

Claire's default costume in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is her updated CODE: Veronica outfit from Darkside Chronicles. Her alternate costume is a business suit that consists of a black and white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black dress pants, accompanied by a pair of black high-heels and some various tactical equipment. Her accessories include silver framed glasses and a silver wrist watch.

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Claire Redfield Degeneration

Claire as she appears in Resident Evil: Degeneration

In the film Resident Evil: Degeneration, Claire's hair becomes red instead of auburn (possibly dyed) and is dressed casually in an off-white shirt with mid-arm length sleeves that is partially buttoned up over a dark pink long-sleeved turtleneck. She also has on brown khaki pants along with a dark brown belt.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Claire Redfield render

Claire as she appears in Resident Evil: Revelations 2

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Claire adopts a style combining her more professional appearance of Degeneration and the biker-style of her youth (such as in CODE: Veronica). At the time of her abduction, Claire is wearing a white button-up dress shirt, a pair of blue jeans with a matching belt, and black biker boots. She once again wears a signature red leather jacket, styled similar to a sports jacket but with shorter sleeves that end past the elbow. At some point after her abduction, Claire is given a health monitor cuff in her left wrist as her white button shirt is covered in dirt and she also manages to find a thigh-holster and a nylon utility belt.

In the near end of Episode 4 which is six months after recovering at the hospital while riding the chopper and wields a sniper rifle to save Barry, Moira and Natalia from a further mutated Alex, her long auburn hair is now cut into short hair. Claire now wears a red long sleeve v-neck shirt that end past the elbows to make it short sleeves with a black shoulder holster in each side of her shoulder and a black pocket at the left side of her shirt. She maintains her blue jeans with a matching blue belt and black biker boots from her primary outfit. She also wears black fingerless gloves, a black nylon utility belt with a matching thigh-holster and is not seen without her health monitor cuff on her left wrist which has been removed after her recovery at the hospital and wears a black and orange rider goggles on her neck.

This outfit that she wears is her "Sniper outfit" and later becomes playable in Raid Mode.

In the aftermath two years later, Claire's model was a combination of her default Island outfit and her short hair from her six months appearance in her Sniper outfit.

Claire has three alternate costumes in this game. Her first alternate costume is her updated classic Resident Evil 2 outfit.

Her second alternate costume is a Rodeo outfit which is a different shades of red checkered short sleeve mini button shirt and a redesigned "Let me Live" design on her back, light blue shorts with a silver belt with sparkle design and a matching gun holster on her right thigh and white designed cowboy boots. She also wears a single blue gauntlet with brown linings on her right arm and a white cowboy hat on her head as her long auburn hair is let loose.

Her third alternate costume is her TerraSave outfit which consists of a dark green hoodie jacket with a TerraSave logo on the right chest of her jacket and has a pocket on the left. Underneath is a white undershirt, light brown khaki pants with a two black gun holster on her right thigh and a red no sign mark on her left leg and her black biker boots from her primary outfit.

Idol Survival/Heavenly Island

In the manga version of Idol Survival which takes place after Resident Evil 6. Claire's short auburn hair has grown into a medium length and is worn loose.

Her outfit is a combination between her film version in Resident Evil: Afterlife and her Sniper outfit in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

She wears a red leather vest with a white sleeveless loose shirt with a knot tied at the left side on her waist, she maintains her pants, black biker boots and her nylon utility belt from her Sniper outfit in Revelations 2 and her belt is now brown and she no longer wears gloves but only wears a black watch on her left wrist.

Later, she wears the same as her first outfit as her sleeveless loose shirt becomes dark blue and she gains a brown strap on her right wrist and her hair is now tied in a ponytail.

Resident Evil 2 (remake)

In the remake version of Resident Evil 2, Claire's appearance remains largely the same and her long auburn hair appears darker in-game.

Her outfit in the remake is different than her classic outfit in Resident Evil 2, as she wears similarly to her outfit in Resident Evil: CODE: Veronica and its updates. She wears a red leather jacket with black pocket on the left side, a black tank top with a white singlet underneath her leather jacket, blue jeans and black shoes. She also wears a dog tag necklace on her neck.