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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

"Don't get me wrong, we really are grateful. They're all talking about what you did, and they're scared."

Claire Redfield is a survivor of the Global T-Virus pandemic and leader of a human convoy. She is the sister of Chris Redfield and was said to be searching for him. Her arsenal includes a Glock 17, Mossberg 464, and Beretta 92. She temporarily wielded one of Janus Prospero's shotguns.


Resident Evil: ExtinctionEdit

As the leader of the human convoy traveling across the desert of Salt Lake City, Claire's primary goal is the protection and survival of the survivors of the t-virus pandemic that swept the globe. Traveling across the ruins of the United States, the convoy arrives at an abandoned motel. After Carlos Olivera and L.J. scope out the area and deem it safe, Claire gives the okay for the convoy to set up camp.

Supplies, such as food, ammunition and fuel are running low, and a thorough search of the motel area proves fruitless. There is little Claire can do to keep the morale of the group up, despite her comrades' efforts. Mikey informs her that Carlos is out putting up a perimeter, as per Claire's orders. As night falls and a storm rolls in, Claire surveys the motel one last time for useful items, but her search is unsuccessful.

The following morning, Claire's convoy is surrounded by a swarm of infected crows. Claire orders that everyone stay in their vehicles and remain silent, but to no avail. A noise within the bus sets off the crows, and they attack the convoy as the survivors attempt to flee. A majority of the group, save for Otto and Nurse Betty who stayed behind to save the children, was rescued. The timely arrival of Janus and the use of her Psionic abilities spared the survivors of any further losses.

Claire and the rest of the convoy hold a memorial for the convoy members who died in the attack. She was later introduced to Janus by Carlos, a previous acquaintance of the former Umbrella operative. Claire thanked Janus for her help, citing that though the convoy was grateful for her help, they were frightened by her abilities. When Janus admitted that she "didn't blame them" and felt responsible for the deaths of people she cared about, Claire echoed a similar sentiment. It wasn't just Janus who blamed herself for the loss of those under her protection.

When the group begins to discuss the possibility of going to Arcadia, a safe haven in Alaska, Claire is immediately against the idea altogether. Janus tries to convince Claire that Alaska is isolated and safe from infection, Claire believes the chance of safety well across the globe, versus their current predicament is extremely low. Regardless, Claire gathers the remaining convoy together and asks them if they think journeying to Alaska is something that they would want to try for, putting the decision to a vote. When majority agrees to traveling to Alaska, the convoy regroups and heads for Las Vegas to stock up on supplies and fuel.

When they arrive to Las Vegas, a large metal container containing a group of Super Undead is blocking their path to the fuel pumps. Claire and the others attempt to move the container, but Janus alerts them to the presence of the undead inside the container. Moments later, the undead pour out of the container, as Claire and the others fight to defend the convoy survivors. Claire manages to protect K-Mart and group of children hiding in the back of a truck despite almost getting killed in the process. She arrives too late to save Mikey when he is chased out of his van and swarmed by several undead.

In the aftermath of the fight in Las Vegas, Claire, K-Mart, Janus, and Carlos are among the few survivors. Following Sam Isaacs' helicopter back to the underground Umbrella base, they decide to use it to get to Alaska. Surveying the surface of the base surrounded by Undead, an infected Carlos devises a plan to a path that will require his sacrifice. After saying their goodbyes, Carlos' truck blows up, giving Claire and the others an opportunity to get to the helicopter. Janus decides to stay behind and Claire takes the remaining convoy to Arcadia in Alaska.

Resident Evil: AfterlifeEdit

After successfully flying the convoy survivors to Alaska and landing on the beach, Claire and the others discover Arcadia was a roaming ship owned and operated by Umbrella, who ambushes the group. Claire attempts to fight them but instead has a Scarab-type device placed upon her chest. The rest of the convoy and K-Mart are captured while Claire manages to evade them. The device on her chest injected a drug into her body that results in memory loss and control over her mind and body.

When Janus discovers Claire, she is attacked by the confused woman. Janus is able to remove the device and restrain Claire, but soon learns the former convoy leader remembers nothing prior to waking up. Bound the wrists, Claire is situated in the back of Janus's plane as she continues search for a safe haven. Eventually, the two arrive in Los Angeles and the Citadel Correctional Facility, where they meet a group of survivors led by Luther West. Though Claire's memories begin to return, she shows no recollection of her brother Chris, and attacks him when he attempts to touch her.

During the survivor's escape of the prison, Claire and Janus are attacked by the Axeman. The mutated Undead renders Janus unconscious, and Claire, unarmed and defenseless, uses her speed and athleticism to avoid the creature's attacks. Using Janus's coin-loaded shotgun, Claire downs the creature momentarily, allowing her a short reprieve. Janus regains her consciousness comes to her aid, and the recovering Axeman is defeated with a second shot to the head. When they regroup with Luther and Chris, Claire's brother openly shows pride in his sister's survival.

When only the three of the Citadel survivors (Claire, Chris and Janus) remain, the trio discover Arcadia docked in the harbor, seemingly abandoned. Boarding the ship and searching the computer databases revealed 2,000 survivors are still on board. Searching the lower deck, the three discover a large door branded with an Umbrella logo. Claire's memories of the capture returns, and the intention of Arcadia is made clear; it's a trap to gather survivors for Umbrella experiments.

The three begin releasing prisoners, starting with the confused but alive K-Mart. While Claire and Chris continue to release prisoners, Janus discovers Albert Wesker survived their previous encounter early on in the film. Chris and Claire come to Janus's aid but are overwhelmed by Wesker's superhuman abilities, and are thrown within their own holding pods.

With K-Mart's help, Janus gains an upper hand against Wesker and frees the siblings, who simultaneously unload their handguns into a wounded Wesker's chest. Using his healing abilities, Wesker escapes on one of the Umbrella planes, but is seemingly destroyed by a bomb Janus preemptively armed the plane with.

With so many survivors, they decide to turn the Arcadia into a true sanctuary for humanity and broadcast their own message of hope over the radio. However, their joy is short-lived, as a massive force of Umbrella helicopters, led by a brainwashed Jill Valentine, converge on the ship. Claire, Chris, and K-Mart were presumably captured by Jill.

Resident Evil: The Final ChapterEdit

To be added

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Claire has been shown to be a skilled marksman. In Extinction, she was part of the Undead fight, she, among others, kills the most Undead. In Afterlife, she is controlled by a scarab and is able to outrun Janus and knock her off her feet. Once Janus frees her from control of the scarab, she loses her memory, and has some of the powers that were bestowed upon her, as seen when she evades the Axeman and flip over him and slide under him. Her fighting skills are enough to keep her going in a fight with Wesker, but not enough to beat him. Her leadership skills take over when she leads the convoy and is the most respected of the convoy.

Appearance and wardrobeEdit

Resident Evil: ExtinctionEdit

Claire wears a green trucker cap and big gold-rimmed sunglasses. Her shirt is charcoal/navy and is quite short, buttoned to under her chest. Under this she has a pale green vest. Her green combat pants look cropped and stop where her boots end. Her flat boots are golden tan leather, possibly with black at the top.

Her utility belt is worn brown leather, with pouches on the left and a black webbing holster with a flap over the top on the right. She wears green fingerless gloves. She has brown leather straps around her shoulders, which may be part of her belt. These straps have thin strips of leather sewn into them for extra grip. Claire's hair is a golden brown/ginger, comes to about half way down her back, and is worn loose.

Resident Evil: AfterlifeEdit

Claire wears a black bra, which is covered by a loose sleeveless gray V-neck T-shirt. Atop of the T-shirt is a red leather vest that has some type of logo on the right side, she wears a black utility belt. She wears black pants that has one leather holster, and her pants have minor rips and cuts. She wears black combat boots/heels.


Further notesEdit

  • Claire was going to appear in Resident Evil: Apocalypse with Gina Philips cast as Claire, but left before production began, and Emily Bergl, originally cast for the role, dropped the role when the character got scrapped.[1]
  • Claire Redfield's attire in Afterlife is meant to mirror her video game counterpart.[2]


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