DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of Anderson's Films)

Cliff Nadaner was a member of Claire's convoy, one of the isolated refugee groups left after the Global T-Virus pandemic.


Cliff was already with the group when they were traveling through the desert. When a murder of crows attacked the convoy's schoolbus, Cliff and Joel got the kids out while Carlos Olivera; Kenneth Mi-naya and E. Richard Price distracted them.[1]

After they had arrived in Las Vegas later that week, a group of Umbrella-engineered super-zombies assaulted the convoy. Kmart witnessed Cliff's death alongside Pablo Villanueva; Morgan Hertweck and Michael Faerber, having been beaten to a bloody pulp by two zombies while running away.[2] As was tradition, he was given an impromptu burial with his name scratched into a wooden cross.[3]


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