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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Clint was a mercenary for the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service and took part in their infamous mission into Raccoon City. Unlike the majority of his comrades, Clint wore the standard-issue U.B.C.S. uniform under a life jacket. Clint was probably intended to make an appearance in the scrapped "Raccoon Pier" Scenario .


Clint's character skin can only be accessed through cheat devices such as GameSharks. He's a Mark-type character and starts with a First Aid Spray in his inventory.

Clint has the following stats:

  • Fast running speed
  • Average vitality (between 2000 and 2500)
  • Attack damage similar to that of Mark's
  • Infection rate of 1.20% per sec



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