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The Chapel (礼拝室?) is a part of the Saint Micheal Clock Tower that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


This room contains an Item Box and a Typewriter. Title of the room on save screen is "Chapel".

Nemesis is near

Nemesis is near

If the player activated the emergency brake on the tram, the Winder Key will be in here. If the player jumped out of the tram, the Bezel Key will be here instead. Two jars of the both Gun Powder A and Gun Powder B can be found here randomly. If they didn't, their location is Bedroom.

Key on the shelf

Key on the shelf

After returning from the altar to the door, the noise can be heard above. Also, a soundtrack Free From Fear stops too. It's the warning that Nemesis is near.

Following Jill's battle with Nemesis, the player will gain control of Carlos Oliveira here. After Carlos returns the Vaccine to Jill, the player will regain control of her.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the altar There is an altar.
Checking the cover shelf (If the key had been taken/start from the Bedroom) There's nothing more.
Checking Jill (As Carlos) I must take care of her as soon as possible...




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