Co-op, otherwise known as Cooperative Mode[note 1] is a multiplayer minigame in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

Rules Edit

As many as four players can participate in a single Co-op game. They do not play on an independent server; instead they play the game independently, but with a star on the screen indicating other players' positions in their games.

The purpose of the game is to survive a time limit. All players use the same health bar, however, so either all will survive or all will die. Enemy health bars are also shared among all devices, allowing them to be defeated faster when multiple people attack the same enemy. In the event all players share a room together, they will receive an attack bonus.

Users can swap items in and out out of the stage's storage box to allow trade, but it will be registered on all consoles. Consequently, when one player takes an item it is gone for good.

Sources Edit

  1. The manual and game give different names.