Coldhearted Soldier is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This cutscene plays if Nikolai is the one who appeares in the Sales Office. He kills Murphy. The alternate version plays if player explores Nikolai again.


Murphy: "Wait!"
Jill:"What did you do?"
Nikolai: "I had no choice. He was about to turn into a zombie."
Nikolai: "It would have been a threat, so I eliminated it."
Jill: "But, he was still concious, wasn't he?"
Nikolai: "He was as good as dead."
Nikolai: "And it took fewer bullets to kill him now than it would have if he had transformed."
Nikolai: "Not now, I'm busy."

Murphy: *ad-lib*
Jill: "…あなたがやったの?"
Jill: "でも意識は残っていたんでしょう?"
Nikolai: "どのみち殺す"
Nikolai: "ゾンビになる前に殺した方が撃ち込む弾が少なくて済む"
Nikolai: "邪魔をするな"