Further notes

Colmillos are feral creatures usually resembling wolves. Though at first appearance they may deceive an unsuspecting enemy, their eyes glow green in the dark, and they tend to be much more violent and aggressive than other kinds of wolves. Heavy gunfire will expose the Plaga within their bodies, which bristles with many long thin tentacles. The Colmillos' preferred battle tactics are to jump and pin their enemies to the ground, then attempt to rip out the throat of the player. Or alternatively, when the Colmillos' Plagas are exposed, they slash the player with their tentacles. The Colmillos will tear Leon's throat out with their teeth if they are able to bring his health to the red spot and the player is unable to shake them off. They can also trap the player by having one group flank the player while another stays in front, leaving nowhere to run.



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