The Colt Python is a .357 Magnum revolver appearing in Resident Evil. It is Barry Burton's primary weapon throughout the game. Players can obtain the python by inserting the red gem into the eye of the tiger statue within the mansion. The gem is found in place of the eye of a stuffed deer, in the trophy room of the mansion. When the gem is inserted into the right eye of the statue, it will rotate, revealing the Python.

In Resident Evil's remake, the Colt Python is demoted from Barry's main weapon to a weapon that is found inside the Mansion, while Barry's revolver is switched to the Colt Anaconda.

The Python found in the Remake is known as Magnum Revolver (Elite Python), an Umbrella-produced variant. To acquire it in the Remake, the player must utilize the same four crests in the same fashion as the original, except the puzzle is done in the mansion's courtyard on two graves that are right next to each other. By inserting the Wind Crest into the right grave, three others will appear. After inserting them into their respective places in the left grave after pushing the switch on their backs, the grave will rotate, revealing the Elite Python.

In Deadly Slience, the magnum is identical to the Remake magnum revolver.

The Python is very powerful and will always(not always in remake) decapitate a zombie with one shot and deal massive damage to bosses, and thus, ammunition is made scarce to balance gameplay. In the Remake, a maximum amount of twenty-four rounds can be found, with six already in the gun.

Examine DescriptionEdit

  • Colt Python (Original/Director's Cut)

"Colt Python. Powerful gun that can be loaded with .357 magnum rounds. MAGNUM ROUNDS loaded."

  • Magnum Revolver (when loaded) (Resident Evil Remake)

"It's loaded with magnum rounds."

  • Magnum Revolver (when empty) (Resident Evil Remake)

"The gun fires .357 Magnum rounds. A powerful firearm, but it takes skill to handle it."


Other appearancesEdit

The Colt Python also appears in the following games:

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