"Colt S.A.A. Artillery model. Used by cowboys in the Wild West. Designed for a quick draw."
— Item examination - English

"コルト S.A.A. アーティラリーモデル カウボーイが使っていた銃だ クイックドローが出来る "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Colt S.A.A. (コルトS.A.A. koruto esu-ei-ei?) is a six shooter handgun featured in Resident Evil 2.


Main gameEdit

The Colt S.A.A. can be obtained in the main game as Claire on Normal or Hard mode. The weapon is found with Claire's special outfit within the locker of the Dark Room. It can only be opened by defeating "super-zombie" Brad Vickers and taking the Special Key from his body, after arriving at the police station without taking any items in Scenario A.

The Colt S.A.A. uses H. Gun Bullets and holds six cartridges. It is the most powerful handgun in-game, capable of killing a normal zombie with four or five shots only. It also has the fastest firing rate, lowest critical chance, and smallest capacity. It beats Claire's Handgun in power and rate of fire, making the revolver a good alternative.

The S.A.A. can be used to drop basic enemies much quicker while proving more dangerous to larger enemies, acting as somewhat analogous to Leon's upgraded Handgun. However it is not suitable for zombie hordes at close range as it expends ammunition very quickly and possesses only six shots.

Extreme BattleEdit

The Colt S.A.A. is also part of Ada Wong's load out in the Extreme Battle minigame.

Further NotesEdit

  • When aiming, Claire/Ada will hold the weapon at her hip, and strike the hammer with the other hand. This is a technique for rapidly firing single-action revolvers. The trigger is held down, meaning that when the hammer is pulled back, it will automatically drop when released, and hit the back of the cartridge. This is known as "fanning".