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The communications tower[1][note 1] was an area of the island housing a radio communications tower. It was here that Jack Krauser and Ada Wong received mission assignments from Albert Wesker, before spliting up.


Most of the communication device signal were jammed where Leon unable to send any transmission.


A shotgun shell can be found inside the communication tower. Three crows residing in this room are carrying items (a Flash Grenade, some Handgun rounds and 5000PTAS). A merchant can be found below the communication tower.

In Assignment Ada, Jack Krauser will be fought here. The last plagas can be obtained upon defeating him.


Main game
Location Action Localization Original script
The controls CHECK The radio signal's being jammed. I can't contact my people.
Assignment Ada
Location Action Localization Original script
The controls OPERATE I can contact my evac chopper with this. Contact chopper? (Choice: Yes / No)




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