Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Napad, an example of complete mutation.

Complete Mutation is a C-Virus process where infected are forced through a metamorphosis, re-birthing from a Chrysalid.


Humans who are infected with C-Virus via injection are known to enter a cocoon state known as a chrysalis, where their body is dissolved and a new creature is born out of the human host's original DNA and reptile; mammal or arthropod genes introduced by the viral infection. The new creature, upon its emergence from the chrysalis, is known as a Complete Mutant.[1] As part of Neo Umbrella's bioweapons project, Dr. Carla Radames developed a number of C-Virus variants which would introduce different animal genes to the infected organism.[1][note 1]

Known mutations

During The Family's and Neo Umbrella's research, a number of radically different Complete Mutant species were created. Irregular mutants deemed successful may have had their genes used to create new C-Virus strains, as identical mutants were seen in China, such as Strelac; Napad and Mesec, which saw heavy use. Highly dangerous mutants such as Brzak; Ubistvo and Iluzija may have been one-of-a-kind mutants, or saw limited duplication such as with Ogroman. Ustanak is known to have been a one-of-a-kind human bio-weapon, having been created to serve as a right-hand for Dr. Carla Radames. Haos was also developed in secret as a world-ending bioweapon capable of dispersing C-Virus across the world.

Aside from the research into bio-weapons, creatures such as the Lepotica and the Gnzedo were the byproducts of a long-lasting project to genetically modify a human being to take on the genes of Ada Wong. They were subsequently duplicated for use as weapons. The project was ultimately a success, with the mutation of Dr. Radames herself into a Ada copy.


  1. The accompanying section of the file is absent in the English version. In Japanese, it reads: "また、C-ウィルスと生物の遺伝子を掛け合わせることで、その生物の特性を反映した変異種が生まれることに気付いたシモンズは、爬虫類や哺乳類など、多くの遺伝子をC-ウィルスに組みこみ、完全変異種を兵器として使用することを考えた。"
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