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The concourse (中央ホール?)[1] is the ending point of Chapter 3-3 and the starting and ending point of Chapter 3-4.

Chapter 3-3Edit

Entering the room, a cutscene will commence in which Luis arrives with the plaga egg, only to be killed horrifically by Osmund Saddler. After the cutscene, you will notice that Ashley is on the lower level of the room stuck to the trap that caught her in Chapter 3-1. Release the clamps by shooting the metal out with a weapon - preferably the sniper rifle. After Ashley is released, protect her from being kidnapped by the monks. When the monks are all dead and the key out of the room is recovered, the chapter will end.

Chapter 3-4Edit

In this chapter, Ashley will leave this room in order to find a way upstairs, where she will join Leon on the upper level.


Main gameEdit

Location Action Localization Original script
Luis' body CHECK They'll pay for your death. I promise.
The door to the Library OPEN It won't budge! It's gotta be locked from the other side.
The door to the Library after saving Ashley OPEN There's no need to go back.
The painting of Saddler CHECK (view the painting falling down)
The door to the gondola before saving Ashley OPEN You can't leave Ashley behind.

Separate WaysEdit

Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the Library OPEN It won't budge! It must be locked from the other side.




  1. Hamamura (ed.), kaitaishinsho, p.264

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