The Concrete Piece was a primitive but useful weapon in Resident Evil Outbreak and File #2. In order to use it, a player has to make sure they stand at medium to long-range away from an enemy or the stone will sail over the enemy's head. On contact, the Concrete Piece breaks over an enemy's head, causing 100HP of damage and rendering the foe knocked out for a short period of time.

Further notes

  • This weapon can be used just once. It cannot be stacked in multiples, unlike the Chemical bottles.
  • In Resident Evil Outbreak, it can only be found in the Hellfire scenario.
  • David can combine the Concrete Piece with an Iron Pipe to make a Hammer.
  • In Infinity Mode in File #2, a player will automatically equip another one after using, unlike in File #1, where the player has to open the inventory and reequip after each use.
  • Even if the player misses the target, the Concrete Piece cannot be retrieved.