Evacuation Report Edit

Newly initiated rookie cop Tyler Hamilton had been assigned guard duty at a certain research facility. His first day on the job turned out to be more than he'd bargained for. It all started with an explosion inside the facility.

Evacuation 1 Edit

What happened?: There was a sudden exlosion just as I was leaving work. I seem to be the only survivor. Wait...they couldn't have survived the blast, but what appear to be people are heading my way...

Evacuation 2 Edit

Monster attack: Trying to get back to the station, I made my way underground, but no matter where I went, the zombies kept coming. I can't believe it! Apparently, some experimental virus contaminated the area after the explosion.

Evacuation 3 Edit

FBI encounter: I finally met another survivor! An FBI agent. I asked what was going on, but apparently all the details are classified. All I know is that there must've been some pretty freaky stuff going on in that facility.

Evacuation 4 Edit

Gunfight evidence: I can hear gunshots here and there. Maybe it's that FBI agent fighting the zombies. I don't even want to think about what's happening right now. I just want to make it back to the station alive.

Evacuation 5 Edit

The second agent: This time I met up with a female FBI agent. According to her, the way to the police station isn't safe. I should go underground and try to reach it through the sewer system.

Evacuation 6 Edit

Monstrous prints: I found some huge footprints that aren't from a person or a zombie. They're covered with bloody mucus. Does this have something to do with the facility's experiments, too?

Evacuation 7 Edit

Follow the prints: Those giant footprints are headed in the same direction I've got to go. I'd rather not take the risk, but I have no choice but to continue onward.

Evacuation 8 Edit

Safe return: I did it! I made it back to the police alive! However, the city's been barricaded and I've been ordered to stay. I want to get out of here as soon as I can, but my duty as a police officer comes first. I have to do what I can.

Final Evacuation Report Edit

Tyler managed to get back to his police station in one piece only to find a disaster zone. The explosion had taken it's toll. Unable to escape the barricaded city, Tyler was left with only wits and his will to survive.

Investigation Report Edit

FBI agent Naomi McClain was standing outside the police station at the time of the incident. The facility was rumored to be performing secret experiments. She had come to uncover the truth.

Invastigation 1 Edit

The invastigation: No doubt that explosion was a delibirate attempt to cover up evidence. I have to continue the work of the agent sent before me and try to find our informants.

Investigation 2 Edit

True rumors: Judging by all the zombie freaks around here, I think it's safe to say that all the rumors concerning this facility and it's illegal experiments were absolutely true. I have to hurry before my informants are attacked...

Investigation 3 Edit

Survivors: I ran into a cop. Looks like he came around from the back entrance to the facility. Good. This means my informants might still be alive.

Investigation 4 Edit

Strange prints: I've found evidence that the organization is involved here: combat boot tracks in the blood and shells of ammo used by the Special Forces. It doesn't look like they were here to rescue survivors..

Investigation 5 Edit

Gunshots: I can hear a shoot out on the other side of the door. Is it the other agent fighting the Special Forces? Are they here to assassinate my informants? Things have got complicated, but I have to move on.

Investigation 6 Edit

The riddle: I found the agent murdered in cold blood by the soldiers. Before he died, all he could tell me was "memo" and an informant's initial: "K". What memo was he talking about?

Investigation 7 Edit

I.D. cards: I found K's name. I think these I.D. cards may belong to my informants. K's card says "Facility Rear Entrance" on the back. If that cop came from there, then maybe K is still alive.

Investigation 8 Edit

Rescuing "K": I've managed to track down K. He says the others are hiding around town. Looks like my mission is to locate and secure the others as well, now.

Ending Investigation Report Edit

Regaining her composure, Naomi prepared to serch the now ruined city for her 3 remaining informants. Can she fulfill her mission with zombies and mysterius paramilitary force thereatening her at every turn?

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