Search Report Edit

Rookie cop Tyler Hamilton is stranded in the quarantined city following the explosion at a mysterious research facility. It was two days since the quarantine was initiated when the distress call made its way to the police station hotline.

Search 1 Edit

Distress Call!: I've received a distress call from an old school in the area indicating survivors in the dormitory. I couldn't imagine a student having the secret number for the police hotline, so I've determinated that there may be others involved...

Search 2 Edit

Room 102 Rescue: I found and rescued a student who tells me that there are 4 others like him hiding in various places nearby.

Search 3 Edit

Room 103 Rescue: I found and rescued a student who tells me that he got an evacuation warning from a mysterious stranger. Perhaps that's who called the police hotline...

Search 4 Edit

Room 104 Rescue: I found and rescued a student who tells me that he hid here after 2 others ran underground via manhole in the courtyard.

Search 5 Edit

FBI encounter: I ran into that FBI agent I met after the explosion again. She's also looking for someone. We exchanged what information we had. She said she heard voices in the lecture hall in the school. Could it be another student awaiting rescue.

Search 6 Edit

Underground Rescue: I've rescued yet another student. When I asked about the lecture hall voice, he mentioned that another had indeed run off in that direction. He said he hadn't seen the mysterious distress caller since he'd left the dorm.

Search 7 Edit

Search the school: I've entered the underground passage beneath the school. I'm heading towards the lecture hall to investigate the voice the FBI agent heard there.

Search 8 Edit

Hidden Room Rescue: There was a student help up in the secret room. He confirmed a total of 5 students hidden here. How many did i find? At any rate, I'm ready to call it a day.

Final Search Report Edit

Tyler rescued the trapped students from the school. After that, he headed back to the police station. He was curious about the other figure who'd helped the students, but decided it would be best to call it a day while he was still relatively safe.

Investigation Report Edit

That same call was intercepted by FBI agent Naomi McClain who realised something. Encoded in that distress call was a message from an informant!

Investigation 1 Edit

Investigation: There was a distress call to the police that I'm sure my informant was involved in. I'm commencing a serch of the school from which the call originated. I must prooced with caution.

Investigation 2 Edit

Footprints: I found some footprints made by someone in a big hurry. Near the lecture hall, I called out and got a response. The voice told me of a passage from the dorm. He said he'd locked the passage door and then lost the key.

Investigation 3 Edit

Who's there?: Sensing a presence on the other side of the door, I called out and a voice answered back. It was the student who'd taken the underground passage into the school and hid. I felt bad, but I ordered him to stay put and await rescue.

Investigation 4 Edit

Scared man: There was a man hysterical with fear. He calmed down a bit when I talked to him. He says he was given the key by a stranger and told to hide. Looks like he's not my informant.

Investigation 5 Edit

Police encounter: Again, I crossed paths with the cop I met earlier. He's here in response to the distress call. I couldn't mention my knowledge of that call, but I did tell him about the voice I'd heard. It's as if we're destined to keep meeting.

Investigation 6 Edit

In the door: Searching for the informant is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I must be prepared. I can sence a threat from the inside...

Investigation 7 Edit

Floor door: I spoke into the door in the floor but got no response at first. Mentioning the data disk and the scared man got an awnser. I'd found my informant.

Investigation 8 Edit

Sucure: I found a man in the underground room. Indeed, it was he ('S') who told the students to run and made the disterss call embedded with the code. Along with the data disk I've gotten my hands on, this has been a very productive day.

Final Investigation Report Edit

Naomi located her informant 'S' and managed to get her hands on a data disk. But her mission wasn't over yet. She still had 2 more informants to track down and the circumstances weren't making that easy.