Search Report Edit

Though isolated in the ruined city, Tyler Hamilton's sence of duty won't allow him to abandon his post. It was three days after the explosion that the police alarm sounded from the local museum.

Search 1 Edit

Alarm!: Headed to the museum now. The alarm went off on the second floor. Looks like I can get there via the central exhibit room...

Search 2 Edit

Police orders: The museum in the worse shape than I thought. With all these monsters, the alarm could have been set off on accident. But I have to check anyway.

Search 3 Edit

Suspicious person: Discovered nervous and suspicion person. She was a woman wearing white and certainly didin't look like a burglar oranything. She ran away and dropped something as I called to her.

Search 4 Edit

Armed soldiers?: Met an armed soldier. He acted strange when I asked about the empty vial. I wonder why. He certainly didin't look like he belonged here anyway...

Search 5 Edit

The 3rd encounter: Bumped into the FBI agent again. I feel like i know her. When i told her I'd seen the soldiers and the woman, she demanded that i leave. Why? What's going on here?

Search 6 Edit

Suspicious 2: Another suspicious person. He took off when I spotted him. Doesn't look dangerous. He took off when i spotted him. Doesn't look dangerous. Maybe he set off the alarm? Anyway, this place is dangerous. I'd better be careful.

Search 7 Edit

Secret room: Arrived in the vault. One of the safes was opened. That's what set off the alarm. That man must've opened it. He's disappeared though. Even though there's only one exit here...

Search 8 Edit

Deepening mystery: The man who pulled the disappearing act in the vault has been shot. The soldiers are indiscriminantly shooting anyone now. Does the agent know?

Final Search Report Edit

Tyler was shocked to learn that he himself had also become a target of the mysterious Special Force troops. Realizing madness was the research facility itself, Tyler heads once again for the blast site.

Investigation Report Edit

FBI agent Naomi McClain knew it was only a matter of time before the military Special Forces units would act. The alarm indicated that there may be survivors at the museum...

Investigation 1 Edit

Investigation: Beginning investigation. I have to see who set off the alarm. There are so few people left here that it just might be my informant.

Investigation 2 Edit

Massacre!: The soldiers have arrived here, too. They're killing anyone who knows anything about the incident. No. That's not quite right. They appear to be killing all the survivors.

Investigation 3 Edit

The cop: Met the cop again. Must be here because of the alarm. He met my informant and has a vial. No doubt the soldiers are after him as well now.

Investigation 4 Edit

Police testimony: This is where the person I suspect to be the informant ran to. Did they make it out? Are they hiding? Where could someone easily hide around here?

Investigation 5 Edit

Secure!: I've located informant 'M'. Her husband apparently asked her to come hide the key here.

Investigation 6 Edit

Race against time: The soldiers are busy picking off what few survivors remain. Maybe they'll burn the whole city when they're done. There's not much time left now...

Investigation 7 Edit

M's husband...: There's no one here in the vault. Maybe M's husband made it out here. Of course, I can't rule out that the soldiers didn't track him down first...

Investigation 8 Edit

Evidence: Secured the 'sample' from the vault. With both the data file and the sample, I should have some evidence now. But I need the finished product from back at the facility to be safe...

Final Investigation ReportEdit

The viciousness of the troops sent by the research facility worsened with every passing moment. Naomi, in a race against time, set off for the research facility in search of her final piece of evidence.