Conflict (対立する二人 Tairitsu suru futari?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is played during Chris Chapter 3.



Piers: "Chris, we need to stay calm."

Chris: "After what she's done to us?"
"How many of our men are dead because of that bitch!"

Piers: "I'm right there with you, Captain, but your personal vendetta isn't gonna get us anywhere."
"If you hadn't been blinded by vengeance, we could have prevented some of those deaths."

Chris: "Shut up."

Piers: "Do you even care about our mission anymore?"

Chris: "SHUT UP!"

Piers: "I feel sorry for all the men that died believing in you."
"What happened to the legenday Chris Redfield, huh?"
"What happened to you!"
"It's a good thing Finn's not around to see you this way."

Chris: "I'm going after Ada."
"HQ, this is Alpha Leader. I need a location on Ada Wong..."

Piers: "I'm going with you."
"Someone's gotta keep an eye on you... whether you want them to or not."

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