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Conrad was a member of the Umbrella Security Service who was deployed into Raccoon City in September, 1998.


Conrad was sent to Raccoon City during the outbreak to contain the t-Virus. He was killed at some point, and later reanimated into a zombie.


Conrad is a "Kevin-type" character. He starts the game with an Antidote.

Conrad has the following stats:

  • Running speed similar to that of Karl
  • Average health (between 2000 and 2500)
  • Average Attack power (similar to Kevin's)
  • Infection rate of 1.19% per minute

Further NotesEdit

  • Conrad is only playable in the Outbreak series with the use of a cheat device such as a GameShark.
  • He is a template of a zombie that appears in the End of the Road and Elimination 1 scenarios.



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