2015's Resident Evil: Revelations 2 contains a large number of references to earlier Resident Evil titles, benefited by scenario writer Dai Sato being a childhood fan of the series. Many of these references were also added in by the localization team, led by Mark Reichwein.

List Edit

Speaker Localization Original Script Localization Only? Reference to
Claire Redfield "It's more reliable than any person." No Resident Evil CODE:Veronica (Steve Burnside)
Claire Redfield "Yeah, I was almost a Claire Sandwich." No Resident Evil
Moira Burton "Uuh... Does Barry tell everyone that story?" Yes Resident Evil
Barry Burton "Heh! Who's the master of unlocking now, huh?" Unknown Resident Evil (Jill Valentine)
Barry Burton "She Wesker" Unknown Albert Wesker
Barry Burton "I'll always need you but for now, I have this!" Unknown Resident Evil
Barry Burton "Of course she did, She's a fucking Burton!" Unknown

Sources Edit

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