The Courtyard Fountain is an area of the Courtyard.


The door on the left side leads to the Helipad, however it's welded therefore it does not open. A fountain can be seen at the centre of the place. In the 2002 remake, the Courtyard Fountain is entered from the Altar room.


Unable to enter the door at the left, Chris or Jill can explore to the right where green herbs and blue herbs can be found on the side pavement. Going ahead will lead into the fountain that has two carved round hollows of Eagle and Wolf. The Eagle Medal can be found inside the Mansion and the Wolf Medal inside the Underground Statue Room. Each medal can be placed onto its carved hollow and after doing this, a cutscene will play showing the water drained, revealing an elevator going down toward the Laboratory Entrance.

In the remake, the Wolf Medal and Eagle Medal can be put at each circular depression to reveal an elevator going down to the Laboratory entrance.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Door to the Helipad It's welded and does not open.
Carved round hollow at the right. A picture of a wolf is carved in a round hollow.
Carved round hollow at the left. A picture of an eagle is carved in a round hollow.
Resident Evil (2002)
The large door to the Heliport There's a large iron door and it won't budge.
Circular depression (Wolf) A circular depression. There's a wolf-shaped emblem carved inside.
Circular depression (Eagle) A circular depression. There's a eagle-shaped emblem carved inside.