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The Creature Harpoon (also known as Morio) is a character of BIOHAZARD Heavenly Island.

It is responsible for the death and infection of Coco, the destruction of the engine room aboard the White Castle, the death and infection of Kylie and pursuing the team and contestants of Idol Survival, most notably AD Tominaga and Yuki Mayu.

The Creature relentlessly chases Tominaga and Mayu, ultimately cornering them atop a cliff, forcing them to hide in a tree. Tominaga fights the creature to save Mayu and they both fall over the edge of the cliff, with Tominaga using a rope tied around his waist to pull himself up. However, the creature uses its anchor to pull itself up as well. Tominaga causes the creature to fall into the ocean below by kicking the anchor loose and it is presumed dead until the duo later encounter it within a tribal cave settlement.

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