Crew area cutscene (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Gaiden.


Suddenly an explosion rocks the STARLIGHT.
Leon: "Lucia! You're hurt!"
Lucia: "I'm okay! I'm okay!"
Leon: "The fire is spreading! If it reaches the engine room, this ship's gonna blow and we're gonna go with it!"
Barry: "I'll use the radio, and call in the helicopter, we need to get off this floating death trap."
"Mayday! Mayday! HQ, do you read me? Come in! Over."
HQ: "This is Headquarters. Over?"
Barry: "I've found Leon! We've alos got a girl with us!"
"She appears to be the only survivor."
HQ: "What about the B.O.W.?"
Barry: "We're still working on that! But right now we've got a ship that might sink at any minute! Request a helicopter for immediate evac!"
HQ: "No can do! We can't get a chopper up in this storm."
"Suggest you hold out until the storm blows over."
"We'll get a chopper out the minute the sky is clear!"
Barry: "Right... I'll see if the ship will accomodate our schedule..."
HQ: "One more thing. We've received some new info on the BOW. that might help you identify the creature. It has green blood. I repeat it has green blood. Acknowledge, please."
Barry: "Green blood... uh... Acknowledged Over and out!"
Leon: "Well it looks like you were wrong."
Barry: "Yeah I guess I was... Listen, Leon, I need you to see if there's a sprinkler ystem or something you can get working to slow down the fire. That way we might be able to buy some time 'til the chopper gets here."
Leon: "What are you going to do?"
Barry: "Trust me. I'll be right back!"
Leon: "Yeah, sure..."
"Lucia stay close. On high tech ships like this everything usually runs from a main computer. Let's head to the Computer Control Room and see if we can find something that will activate the sprinkler system!"
Lucia: "Ok I' right behind you."