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In the 2002 remake, the Crimson Head has an HP value of 300-2600. This is in comparison to Chris' and Jill's 1400 and 960, respectively. In any playthrough, the player will encounter a minimum of two Crimson Heads: the one whose corpse is found in the mirror corridor leading to the Armor Key, and the Crimson Head Prototype 1 boss after placing the four Death masks.

Moveset (2002 remake)

The Crimson Head is capable of two moves in the 2002 remake.

Note: All names in the remake are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[1]

Move Damage Description/Notes
Biting (かみつき Kamitsuki?) (See values below) + 200
Beating (なぐり Naguri?) 200
Initial bite values[2]
Character Damage
Chris 280, 350, 420, 490 or 560
Jill 240, 288, 336 or 384
Rebecca 212, 255, 297 or 340

A Crimson Head will "play dead" sometimes (much like their zombie predecessors) until their prey walks near it. It will then lunge quickly to stand. A Crimson Head attacks with force, running after its prey. It runs in a posture comparable to the Hunter α, though obviously unrelated - the posture is likely due to decomposition. It has been known to even kill fellow zombies and other creatures that get in the way between it and its prey. When it gets the chance, it will swipe with its large claws, causing heavy damage. It will sometimes even bite, causing minor injury. Crimson Heads can also withstand more damage from some firearms than a normal zombie.

Weapon guide (2002 remake)

Note: All stats are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[3]

Weapon Damage Number of ammunition/uses
Survival Knife (Chris's) 140 (head: 340) 1-19
Survival Knife (Jill's) 84 (head: 204) 2-31
Handgun 200 (Critical hit: 9999) 1-13
Samurai Edge 200 (Critical hit: 9999) 1-13
Shotgun Close-range:1000
Assault Shotgun Close-range:1300
Grenade Launcher (Grenade) Direct hit: 2000
Blast: 1000
Grenade Launcher (Acid) Direct hit: 2000
Blast: 1000
Grenade Launcher (Explosive) Direct hit: 2000
Blast: 1000
Magnum Revolver 2500 1-2
Self Defense Gun 2500 1-2
Barry's 44 Magnum 9999 1
Flamethrower N/A N/A
Infinite Rocket Launcher Direct hit: 9999
Blast: 1000
Dagger HP reduced by 50% + 1 2
Flash Grenade Direct hit: 9999
Blast: 1000
Stun Gun HP reduced by 70 or 90% 2


Rank Difficulty Time until revival


1 EASY 60, 90, 100, 150
2 EASY 20, 45, 80, 100
3 NORMAL 15, 35, 70, 80
4 HARD 10, 20, 30, 60
5 HARD 5, 10, 20, 30
6 HARD 5, 10, 15

In the above chart, adapted from one by Famitsu, transforming into Crimson Heads depends on which pre-set "rank" a Zombie has been given. Ranks 1 and 2 appear in EASY; Rank 3 on NORMAL, and Ranks 4, 5 and 6 on HARD. Each of the available minutes is picked at random. For example, a Rank 1 Zombie has a 25% chance of taking one hour.

A zombie can be prevented from turning into a Crimson Head by either destroying the head or its kneecaps while it is still active, or burning the body using the Fuel Canteen when defeated. (Also, while using Jill, you can burn them with the Grenade Launcher's Flame Rounds). If the player should fail to burn an inactive zombie that has been shot down, after some time (as shown on the chart), the zombie will have mutated into a Crimson Head.

If a Crimson Head should become active, recommended weapons to use against it would be the Grenade Launcher's Acid Rounds, or a high-caliber Magnum gun, as both can kill a Crimson Head in one shot (no more than two shots are required). Shotguns like the Pump-action Shotgun, which is the first shotgun that can be obtained in the mansion, are effective as well. Shooting when the enemy is in close range does the most damage from a shotgun. The shotguns also have a high chance to decapitate them if aimed upwards at point blank range. Chris's Flash Grenade defensive weapon will kill them if used directly on them when grabbed or severely injure them if used on another enemy and hit by the splash damage. Jill's Stungun will severely injure them. The Defense Dagger will halve their health.



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