Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Crimson Head Prototype 1 was a Crimson Head zombie B.O.W. that was sealed in a coffin beneath the Spencer Mansion's cemetery.[1]


During Umbrella's human trials with the t-Virus as part of their research into a human B.O.W. (the project would be continued by the Tyrant program), this particular zombie reacted differently. A sudden mutation of the virus took place within its body, referred to as V-ACT. Its aggressive behavior, high vitality and sheer strength interested the researchers at the Arklay Laboratory greatly, and samples of its viral mutation were extracted for further research (it would be this mutant strain that infested the complex in 1998).[2][3] This research later culminated in the virus variant released in Raccoon City and Sheena Island in 1998, where the effects of V-ACT were altered to create Lickers.

It was named "Crimson Head" not only because of its appearance, but also its high level of aggression and ferociousness (it killed four researchers that attempted to feed it). Since this Crimson Head was too dangerous for any further observation, the scientists had no choice but to freeze it and conceal it inside the estate's backyard cemetery, locked within a sarcophagus requiring the collection of death masks to unlock.

S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member Chris Redfield placed the four mysterious death masks to their matching statues, triggering an apparent death trap where the only exit was sealed off (ensuring that it would not escape and attack whoever freed it). This Crimson Head became active once again for a short time before it was killed by Chris.[4]


This Crimson Head is faster, more resistant to firepower and much more aggressive than the other zombies found in the game, regardless of the difficulty and character. While playing with Chris, it is recommended to use the Assault Shotgun, which will take 6-12 shots depending on the difficulty level (Normal, Once Again, Real Survivor and Invisible Enemy), and will cause the Prototype to be stunned. While playing with Jill, it is recommended to use the Grenade launcher, which will take 3-6 hits depending on the difficulty and game mode. If the player possesses the Samurai Edge (Barry's model), it will only take less than 15 shots to neutralize this enemy and only one hit from the Rocket Launcher. Having the flash grenade equipped will instantly kill the enemy if it grabs you.




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