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Cross of the Fisson Street and Ennerdale Street

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Fisson Street and Ennerdale street are crossing near the R.P.D. Jill Valentine sees many crashed cars on her way to the police station and some of them are blocking both streets.


There's a broken hydrant that gushes the water near the Police station front entrance (the water stops when night falls to the city).

Closed door lockpick

Simply locked door

Street cross in the night



There's a simply locked door on the available part of the Fisson Street, so Jill needs the Lockpick in order to open it.

In the Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, this street can be venture where three zombie dogs are encounter in this area.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the broken hydrant Water is gushing out from a broken hydrant.
Checking the broken hydrant (After the water stop gushing out) The hydrant is broken.
Advertisement on the streets New release information.
Door toward the Long Corridor (Without the Lockpick) It's locked with a simple lock.


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