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"A crown with 2 divots like something might fit inside."
— Item examination

The Crown is a treasure item that can be found in Resident Evil 4. It can be sold for 9000 Pts, but its true value lies in its ability to combine with the Crown Jewel and the Royal Insignia to exponentially increase their value. If all three treasures are combined, the player will obtain the Salazar Family Crown, the single most valuable treasure in the entire game.

The Crown is found in Chapter 4-1; after Leon gets thrown down a trapdoor to land on spikes, he will find a dead Cultist with the Crown in his grasp. It and its associated treasures are not found in Separate Ways.


Name Create Selling Price Item Examination
Crown 9,000₧ "A crown with 2 divots like something might fit inside"
Crown with Jewel Crown + Crown Jewel 25,000₧ "A crown with 2 jewels set in it."
Crown with Insignia Crown + Royal Insignia 27,000₧ "A crown with the royal insignia set in it."
Salazar Family Crown Crown + Crown Jewel + Royal Insignia 48,000₧ "A complete crown with all jewels and insignia set in it."




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