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The Crumbled Memo is a file unique to the Resident Evil remake. It describes Oswell E. Spencer's (the Umbrella CEO) orders to an Arklay Laboratory worker to hide an object for him.


The object (the "imitation of a key") is hidden within a dog collar, which is put on one of the mansion's guard dogs. The file also gives the player a hint as how to find this dog - by blowing a whistle on the balcony.


Today, Sir Spencer told me to hide something where no one could find it.

Well, I had this idea, I figured if I could somehow have it protected by a dangerous animal, like the vicious canine that lives here, no one would be able to get near it.

As far as I can tell, the mutt is always hanging around the second floor balcony on the west side of the terrace, and he ought to come running at the sound of a dog whistle.

This is where you come in. The thing is, I reckon you're the only person that can get near that damn dog without risking a serious mauling.

Which means only you can get this collar on him. The object Sir Spencer wants hidden is concealed inside.

You're the only person I can trust with this. Of course you'll get something out of it as well. Remember that certain item that you've always wanted to get hold of?

Well, in exchange for your services, I just might be able to get it for you. This could work out well for both of us...

Jon Toleman




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