DSO is a glossary entry for Resident Evil Recollections.


An acronym for the Division of Security Operations. Personally established by President Adam Benford in 2011 to protect America from the threat of bioterror, the DSO can count Leon among its members.

The DSO's most particular distinction, as suggested by Leon himself before its formation, was that it operated directly under the hand of the President, and that its agents follow the President's intentions exclusively, exercising absolute authority. In only 2 years its accomplishments were already such that it came to be known as the "Sword of the President".

DSOは「Division of Security Operations」の略。レオンが所属するエージェント機関で、バイオテロの脅威からアメリカを守るため、2011年に時の大統領アダム・ベンフォードが中心になって設立した組織。


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