The Dagger is a defense item in the remake of Resident Evil. It is a small knife with a sharp point, designed to thrust and stab; it is also one of the oldest knife types created C.3000BC and to date is one of the most used knives ever.

"By stabbing this dagger you'll be able to protect yourself and escape from hostile situations."

The dagger is a defense item found on the grounds of the Spencer Mansion. It is the only defense item that can be used by both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Even thought it's one of the smallest weapons in the whole series, it can deal major damage to most foes such as Zombies, Crimson heads, Hunters, and Cerberus by killing them in 2 uses. However, once this weapon is used and an enemy is defeated, it can't be obtained again, unless the player achieves a critical hit to the foe's head making it to explode (this only happens after the first use and be done with either a Shotgun or the Magnum). Depending on the difficulty level Easy, Normal, Hard and Real Survival, the amount of Daggers found in game would be lower (by in easy and normal finding more than 10 and in Hard and Real survivor around 7), however, it will be still a powerful weapon despite the difficulty.


Chris using the dagger to escape from a zombie.

Further notes

  • In Real Survival Mode, if a player doesn't use the dagger (or another self-defense item) when the T-002 grabs them, it will thrust its huge claw in their abdomen area, killing them instantly.