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RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard D-Series Arm location

Dahlia (code: D-002) was a girl who was genetically engineered by The Connections as a prototype of their D-Type bioweapon series, which involved infecting her embryo with Mold and rapidly-aging her to reach the appearance of a ten-year-old girl to suit her function for infiltration.

Dahlia died only 319 days old, her body having deteriorated in her short months of life.[1] When Blue Umbrella began hunting down The Connections and their new E-Type prototype, Eveline, Dahlia's corpse was transported on the Annabelle. When the Annabelle ran aground in Louisiana after a hurricane, Dahlia's body was recovered and presented to Marguerite Baker by Eveline, who became obsessed with her arm and hid the body in the Bakers' old house.[2] Zoe Baker was aware of Dahlia, and sent out Ethan Winters to rip off her arm so it could be used as a source of genetic material for synthesis of the serum.

Sources Edit

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