Daily Raccoon is a file in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.



September 9, 1998
Gun Shop Robbery
Early in the morning on September 8, the MacLeed's Gun Shop on Clemens St. was robbed by 2 male suspects. $800 and several firearms are reported missing. Within 20 minutes, the police had located and arrested 2 men for questioning.

The suspects are Samuel Kirk (37), and Nathan Donnelly (33).

As of this date, no evidence has been uncovered regarding the suspect's identities or histories. Police say they will continue to be held for further questioning.

Alyssa Ashcroft, staff reporter



9月8日未明、クレメンス通りの銃砲店「マックリーズ」に2人の男が侵入し、 現金800ドルと散弾銃、および弾薬を奪って逃走した。


現在、2人はラクーン市警にて取り調べを受けているが、 犯行については容疑を認めているものの、 出身や住所については不確かな供述が多く、身元の確認は取れていない。



The localization differs from the original script when describing the robbery. While the localization states that several firearms have been reported missing after the robbery, the original script simply says that the robbers made off with a shotgun, ammunition and $800 cash. The localization also fails to mention the two men were arrested on suspicion of house break-ins along with the gun shop robbery. Alyssa also ends the story slightly differently. Whereas the localization says the suspects' identities are yet to be confirmed, the original adds in that the police are otherwise adamant they have the right men.



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