Danny was a member of the Raccoon Fire Department team stationed beneath the exit overpass, evacuating the wounded from the area. When the basement boiler of the Apple Inn exploded, Danny attempts to contact his friends, Charlie and Len, who were inside at the time.


Receiving no answer, Danny rushed to the scene and rescued the survivors from the lobby of the Apple Inn by destroying the jarred door blocking their escape route. He later reappeared in the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario alongside another firefighter, Gill.


The "Danny" and "Danny:B" character skins can be unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by completing "Hellfire" with Len's ID tag. Sold together, they cost 5000 points.[1]

There are two versions of Danny. The version of Danny without the helmet which comes with an Iron Pipe, and Danny B., which comes with a First Aid Spray. Both are Kevin-type characters and are able to perform Pot Shots.



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