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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Black-dressed Natalia, known as Dark Natalia in the English localization, is Natalia Korda's second personality and is the manifestation of Alex Wesker's personality in Natalia which was the result of Alex Wesker capturing her and transferring a digitized copy of her human consciousness into her, six months before Barry's arrival on Sushestvovanie Island.

She is the much more darker and sarcastic of the two, and is characterised by her dark clothes and blonde hair.


Sushustvovanie Island (2011)

Alex Wesker realized that the illness she had was weakening her body from the inside. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to escape her imminent death, and that biological immortality could not be obtained. Alex turned to her last resort; transferring a digitized copy of her human consciousness into another host. To that end, she affiliated herself with senior Terra Save member Neil Fisher, who was looking for a way to bring back the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. She enlisted his help to procure a human host with a special mental condition in exchange of a Uroboros Virus sample in return. Alex received word from Stuart that he would exterminate everyone who participated in their previous researches, himself included.

In 2011, Alex sent her private militia to abduct Claire Redfield, Moira Burton, and other TerraSave members to Sushestvovanie Island to be used as test subjects for t-Phobos. While Claire and Moira tried to escape, she taunted them over the PA system while quoting various works of Franz Kafka. Especially, she was also able to trap fellow TerraSave Members at the same time, which she was responsible to activate the siren to lure them out. Alex also taunted Gabriel Chavez while he attempted to escape the island by riding a helicopter out before it crashed after Alex remotely sabotaged the vehicle's controls. Amidst the confusion, Alex sent Neil to abduct Natalia Korda, one of her prisoners on the island, to commence her "rebirth ceremony."

When Claire and Moira discovered Neil Fisher's betrayal in TerraSave who was responsible for the attack of their headquarters, Alex instead betrayed Neil by injecting him with Uroboros virus. She also brought up about the Terragrigia Panic seven years ago and Neil was one of Morgan Lansdale's puppets as she left him to mutate. After Neil was defeated, Alex prepared to transfer the part of her own consciousness into Natalia and committed suicide, while the due, Claire and Moira tried to escape but Moira was ultimately left behind.

Dark Natalia Awakens (2011)

Six months had passed and Natalia awakens and finds herself in a strange lab room, there she sees "Dark Natalia" for the first time, she helps Natalia find her lost bear Lottie, but numerously suggests to leave Lottie behind and mocks Natalia that the reason she is always alone is because she is with a "stupid bear".

Dark Natalia (8)

Dark Natalia and Natalia walking together in Extra Episode: Little Miss.

After they find the missing Lottie, Natalia holds Dark Natalia's hand and they walk together, only to see Lottie cursing at Natalia. Having finished her role, Dark Natalia, in Alex Wesker's voice, claims Natalia won't see her coming just before Natalia encounters Barry Burton. It turns out that Dark Natalia (and even Lottie) were manifestations of Alex Wesker's consciousness in Natalia's mind.[1]

Post Sushestvovanie (2013)

"A Cage went in search of a bird. But now the bird is gone. The bird has changed"
— Natalia while reading The Zürau Aphorisms

Two years later, Alex's copied consciousness (Dark Natalia) dwells inside Natalia's body, unnoticed by everyone. Natalia is seen reading a work of Franz Kafka, among other articles about Bioterrorism. Realizing her experiment on immortality was a success, she grins a malicious smile, suggesting that "Dark Natalia" (Alex's copied consciousness) succeeded in taking over. It is not yet unknown in this ending if Dark Natalia has completely taken over, or just temporarily.


Dark Natalia Point

Dark Natalia can point to show the location of the enemy.

Dark Natalia can be used in Extra Episode: Little Miss alongside Natalia Korda. She is invisible to any types of enemies in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

Dark Natalia can show Natalia the location of an enemy by pointing at it. Though, she can only point at them one at the time. However, she cannot open doors or obtain any items.[2]

Further Notes

If you obtained the bad ending of the game, Natalia, after being grabbed by the mutated Alex Wesker and after her resurrection, Natalia snatches Alex's core and her tone of voice sounds like Dark Natalia, she tells Barry to call her "Alex" suggesting Dark Natalia has completely taken over. However even in the good ending post-credit scene, the resurrection is still the same.----



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