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For the Perryverse adaptation, see David Ford (Perry).

David Ford was a police officer employed at the Raccoon City Police Department. He also recorded the first set of police operational reports detailing the gradual defeat of the officers within the precinct on September 26th and 27th, 1998.[1]


Raccoon City IncidentEdit

September 26thEdit

This is the first day of recorded activity from Ford. He reports on a recent attack on the precinct by zombies roaming the streets of Raccoon City. The unexpected assault causes the injuries and deaths of many survivors seeking refuge inside of the police station.[1] A total of thirteen officers die in the attack.[2] One of the police fatalities, Officer Meyer, causes David to feel overwhelming guilt, having chosen to escape as he hears Meyer's screams and the "sound of his flesh being stripped from its bones."[2] The attack damaged vital communications equipment, as well as one of the breakers in the sub station room.[1]

In response to the situation, David and the other remaining officers devise a plan to secure weapons and ammunition scattered throughout the precinct.[1]

September 27thEdit

At noon, another attack ensues after the west barricade falls. Twelve more deaths are recorded as the remaining officers shelter survivors in the evidence room on the first floor of the precinct.[1]

Three more deaths occur following this report, caused by a new creature the survivors have dubbed the "Licker"; an enemy with a lance-like tongue that decapitates one of the surviving officers by twisting his head off.[1][3]

Late in the night, David is unable to cope with the situation and begins to lose his sanity. Drinking a bottle of whiskey to himself, he expresses disdain over the situation and the futility of the survivors' efforts. David vows to commit suicide with his Mossberg shotgun, whom he refers to as a close friend.[2]

September 28thEdit

Another battle breaks out and zombies flood the operation room during a meeting which Ford was expected to attend.[2][4] Fellow officer Elliot Edward records the deaths of four more people, including David.[4] It is unknown if Ford fell victim to this attack or if he succeeded in his suicide attempt.[note 1]

Further notesEdit

  • The first operation report was left in the operation room, while the second report and David's memo were left in the dark room. The dark room may have been a refuge for the surviving officers as it is within close proximity of the evidence room where survivors were sheltered and the operation room where meetings took place.
  • In the Nintendo 64 release of Resident Evil 2, David's letter (a revised version of David's Memo) was placed in the east office. While the officers were mostly confined to the west wing of the precinct, they had plans to explore the east wing and eventually managed to, as recorded by Elliot in the second operation report.[4]


  1. Ford's last records are on September 27th, but the operation room meeting and the date that his death was mentioned was on September 28th. In his memo, he mentions a meeting in 3 hours. This is likely the same meeting that occurred in the early hours of the 28th recorded in the second operation report. Therefore, according to evidence in David's Memo and Operation report 2, Ford's death was most likely after 11:00PM on the 27th or before 2:30AM on the 28th.
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