Daylight is an event/health item in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is made in the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario to completely disable the T-virus gauge. It was created by mixing V-Poison, P-Base and T-Blood.


 Daylight served as a cure to the T-Virus.


Once the players had collected P-base, V-poison and T-Blood, use these items at the mixing machine on inner laboratory on 3F floor.

These item can be obtained after Greg Muller death, each sample need about a minute to complete, the amount of this items are unlimited and players can take as many sample as they want. However, the university was already planted with C4 Bombs, so the time to wait for samples is limited, so the players should only take sample enough to cure the players, to kill Thanatos and have a spare one to have the good endings (maximum 6 samples, 4 for players, 1 for the Tyrants and 1 for Good Ending)


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