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Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles all cutscenes - Death's Door 1 ending01:40

Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles all cutscenes - Death's Door 1 ending

Death's Door 1 ending

The Death's Door 1 ending is the ending cutscene to the "Death's Door" Act of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


Ada Wong:
You can have it!

Sergei Vladimir:
You think I'm reckless, don't you?

Umbrella executive:
You stole the computer core from your own company.
I wouldn't exactly call that stable.

Sergei Vladimir
The people who go down in history as its heroes are never stable.
Inside U.M.F.-013 is all of the research data.
With that, Umbrella will rise from the ashes.

Ada Wong
I survived the fate of Raccoon City thanks to Wesker's warning.
Of course, I knew the only reason my life was spared was because I had the G-virus tissue fragment,
but I would settle things in time.
We were both used to being backstabbed and manipulated.
I had a feeling our partnership would last a little while longer.

Ada Wong:

Sergei Vladimir:

Umbrella executive:

Sergei Vladimir:
後に英雄と呼ばれる者に、 まともな人格者などおらん
U.M.F.-013の中には、 すべての研究データがある
アンブレラ復活は、 いつでも可能だ……

Ada Wong:
こうして私は、 ウェスカーの助けで、 ラクーン市からの生還に成功した
彼との付き合いも、 あとしばらくは続くことだろう

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