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Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles all cutscenes - Death's Door 1 scene01:33

Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles all cutscenes - Death's Door 1 scene

Death's Door 1 scene

The Death's Door 1 scene is the cutscene that plays in the "Death's Door" Act/Scenario of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

It plays when Ada Wong reaches the location where she was supposed to meet her contact after retrieving the G-Virus sample.


Albert Wesker:
He lost his will and chose death.
He was weak.

Ada Wong:

Albert Wesker:
And you, Ada... You have also failed. Your actions in betraying us and helping that Leon fellow will have consequences for our organization.

Ada Wong:
See this?
It's a tissue fragment with Birkin's G-virus.

Albert Wesker:
Well, despite some setbacks, you have proven your value to us.
Ada, there are two things you must be made aware of.
One. In just moments, Raccoon City will be completely eradicated by a government launched missile.
And Two. An Umbrella officer will be leaving town on a helicopter.
If you are not on it, there will be no way to leave Raccoon City.
It is in our best interest that you survive. The G-virus sample is required.

Ada Wong:
If the T-virus did this.
What would happen if the G-virus got out?

Albert Wesker:

Ada Wong:

Albert Wesker:
君もだ、エイダ… 失望したよ

Ada Wong:

Albert Wesker:
…ミスを犯したとはいえ、 君の技量は惜しい…

Ada Wong:
t でさえこの地獄…

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