"Delta Team" is a cutscene in Resident Evil Zero.[1] The scene introduces Albert Wesker, William Birkin, and the U.S.S. Delta Team.


On the exterior corridor, a U.S.S. Delta Team operative radios in that the team has secured the Ecliptic Express. At the Umbrella Chemical Plant's Turntable Monitor Room, Albert Wesker and William Birkin confirm the transmission. The two discuss the spread of the t-Virus and their plans to eliminate the train, cuffing the microphone to ensure that their conversation is private. Suddenly, a group of Leeches appear while the Delta Team operative is relaying their estimated time of arrival. The Leeches swarm the operative as another operative exits the operator cab to investigate. Both are swarmed by the Leeches as they scream in agony and try to break free. Wesker attempts to make further contact, but it is too late. After the attack is finished, the Leeches slip away from the bodies.


DELTA TEAM OPERATIVE: This is Delta Team. This is Delta Team.
We have gained control of the train. Over.

WESKER: Understood.

BIRKIN: This does not make any sense...
How was the t-Virus leaked?
And why did it contaminate both the lab in the mansion...
as well as a train almost three miles away?

WESKER: That's irrelevant.

We must make sure no knowledge of this gets out.
Destroy the train.

WESKER: How far away are you from the nearest branch line?

DELTA TEAM OPERATIVE: About ten minutes to--huh?

WESKER: What's happened!?

デルタチーム工作員: こちらデルタチーム

ウェスカー: 了解

バーキン: ありえない…
なぜ t−ウィルスが漏れたんだ?

ウェスカー: 喋り過ぎだ
この事実が 外部に漏れると破滅だぞ

ウェスカー: 引込み線までの時間は!?

デルタチーム工作員: あと10分…

ウェスカー: どうした!?

Securing of the train has been completed.

WESKER: Roger.

BIRKIN: Impossible...
The t-Virus was leaked. Why?
Moreover, from the mansion laboratory
Three miles apart?

WESKER: Too much talk.
Such events...
This fact; its leaking out is disastrous.
You've got to kill the train.

WESKER: Time to railway siding?

DELTA TEAM OPERATIVE: 10 minutes left...

WESKER: What's wrong!?

Further notesEdit

  • In the localization, Birkin refers directly to the train while mentioning the spread of the t-Virus. In the original script, it is only implied that he's talking about the train.


  1. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, Gallery.

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