Derek's 3rd Transformation, known as Mutant Simmons - Huge Fly (変異シモンズ ヒュージフライ Hen'i shimonzu hyūjifurai?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6



Derek's body continues to mutate, and he enters stage three. Derek's humanity is completely gone at this point, but his survival instinct remains. He ingests multiple corpses in order to give his body the organic matter needed to assume this form. This new, hideous form resembles an amalgamation of multiple insect species. When stage-three Derek loses a limb or other body part, he can regenerate it by ingesting more corpses. He could in theory live forever as long as there are corpses for him to ingest.

The Family kept a close eye on Simmons after he was injected with the C-Virus. The FOS was able to intercept part of a message from one of The Family's members during this period.


Derek Simmons death has been confirmed.

Neo-Umbrella will also probably not be left standing for long.

The new leader of The Family has been chosen.

We need to come together and persevere as we have in the past if we are to keep balance in the world.