Further notes

Quotes from Derek C. Simmons, one of the main antagonists of Resident Evil 6. Note that this page does not list all known quotes from said character.


  • "Did I hear my name?"
  • "The President spoke highly of you, Agent Kennedy."
  • "Tell me, is it true you were the only ones present at the time of his death?"
  • "Well, you must be aware that you are both suspects in this attack." (declaring Leon and Helena as the perpetrator of the outbreak)
  • "Agent Harper, at the time of the attack, you had abandoned your post, leaving the President vulnerable. You must admit such behavior is suspicious."
  • "With what evidence could you base such an outrageous accusation? I am the National Security Advisor. It's my job to prevent terrorist attacks, not cause them." (denying Helena's accusation on him)
  • "If the two of you feel so strongly about your innocence, then you should have no problem turning yourselves in."
  • "Well, this is unexpected." (to Leon and Helena upon encountering them)
  • "Ah, Agent Birkin. Impeccable timing. Kindly take these two into custody, won't you?"
  • "What, are they running down the streets, screaming it to anyone who'll listen?"
  • "It's for the benefit of the United States and global Security."
  • "Well, we have Leon to thank for that."
  • "Dispose of them."
  • "Hold your fire. Those two are still of use to us."
  • "Can we wrap this up? I have better things to do."
  • "Alert the men outside."
  • "She got me. Well played." (after being shot with a C-Virus by Carla's J'avo)
  • "You still chase me while that women is on the loose?"
  • "That traitor, Ada Wong! Who knows what she's got in store." (blaming Ada Wong)
  • "Are you here to avenge the President? Is that it? You fool. Had he disclosed the truth behind Raccoon City, the U.S. would have lost all it's authority, and the global political order would have collapsed!"
  • "He had to be stopped! He was leading my country and this world into complete chaos-That woman, how dare she do this to me!"
  • "How about a reunion with your sister, agent Harper?!" (taunting Helena of her sister's death)
  • "This is the end of the line!" (preparing to dislodge the train Leon and Helena was on)
  • "You... have no idea... what would happen If I die?"
  • "No! How could my Family abandon me?"
  • "I know what you did... ADA! You disobeyed me! You took... Wesker's son away!"
  • "Ada... Welcome back! You've finally come back to me." (to Ada, during their battle at the Quad Tower)
  • "It was a mistake making you."
  • "I made you, that means you have to obey me!"
  • "You were at my side when I sat on my throne."
  • "ADA!"
  • "Get away from her, Leon! You're not half the man she needs!" (to Leon)
  • "Come... With me, my love. We'll be together... Forever."
  • "Do you want to live? Then beg! Beg for your life!" (Trying to make Leon fall)