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Desperate Escape (AC-022) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game, first appearing in the Alliance, the first expansion set. It is a direct reference to the Desperate Escape DLC from Resident Evil 5, and is the spiritual successor of Deadly Aim (AC-002) from the first DBG set.


Deadly Aim simply added +10 Damage to every weapon the player could use when Exploring, and added +20 Ammo to the players overall ammunition. Desperate Escape works off of that concept but works slightly differently. When the card is played, the player chooses a weapon type (Pistol, Rifle, Explosive, Knife, etc.) and all weapons of that type get +10 Damage on that turn. While it still grants the +20 Ammo that Deadly Aim gave, it makes itself a little more difficult to use, as DA's effect could be exploited easily, even without Action stacking. Additionally it costs 70 Gold, as opposed to the Gold cost of 50 that DA had. To make the card a little more flexible (and just as exploitable as DA in some respects) it grants +1 Action, allowing the player to play another Action for potential Action stacking, or equip their Partner Character with a different weapon to possibly accommodate its primary effect.

The artwork is taken directly from official artwor for the Desperate Escape DLC, depicting Jill Valentine and Josh Stone. This fits aesthetically, as Jill (in her Battle Suit) and Josh both appear as character cards in Alliance.


  • This card can be deadly in the hands of a player using the third Chris Redfield card (in hisREmake incarnation) from Alliance. Chris' effects allow him to designate specific weapon types as well, and lower the ammo needed to use them. Using Chris' second effect lowers the ammo requirement even more if he's using only one weapon. Used in conjunction with DE's Action stacking, Chris could potentially make most weapons "free to use" and with added firepower.
  • The specific weapon type designation does not deter users of Leon S. Kennedy, Jack Krauser, the first Jill Valentine card or Barry Burton; as all of these characters specialize in only one weapon type anyway (Pistols, Knives, Explosives and Magnums respectively).
  • Additionally, the Action stacking potential makes both Krauser cards (from RE4 and Operation: Javier) even dealier character if combined with Fierce Battle. The first Krauser can stack the Actions and use his second effect to keep increasing the damage of his knives (two DE's combined with Krauser's effect would make one Knife deal 30 Damage) while the second Krauser is hindered by his first effect to only using one weapon at any given time, allowing DE's effect garunteed effectiveness while using his second effect to increase damage by how many cards are in his hand with help from Firece Battle.

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