"As wave after wave of the undead surrounded the city's last bastion of justice and hope, the time had come for the ultimate decision.
警察署を取り囲む無数の殺意。うねりは振幅を増し、 正義の執行人たちを蹂躙すべくにじり寄る。行くか、戻るか――その決断が、生死を分かつ。
— In-game descriptions - English localization and original Japanese script

"desperate times", known in Japan as Defense (死守 Shishu?), is the fourth scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It takes place at the Raccoon City Police Station somewhere between September 27 and 28 of 1998.

Plot summary

After waves of zombies surround the police station, Kevin Ryman takes refuge inside. Meanwhile, four of the remaining officers; stranded from their colleagues, make their own plan to escape by using a network of vents from the building's old Art Museum days. Marvin tells Rita that; as she is the only member of the team who can fit through the vents, she must use them to escape the station and seek out help.

The survivors collect a number of jeweled plates that; when all fit into a pedestal under the grand statue, will reveal the access way. Rita uses the vent to leave the station, but does not get back in contact with Marvin until later that night. During this time, two of the officers are killed by the undead while protecting the emergency staircase and rooftop, and a third is mauled by infected dobermans. Marvin is infected by a Zombie bite after being attacked outside while waiting for Rita.

Rita finally arrives in a SWAT van driven by fellow officer Harry just in time, knocking over a Zombie in the process. The undead have finally breached the front gate perimeter and are advancing to the station. The civilians climb into the van as a Zombie follows them. An injured Marvin kills it with a shot to the head and orders Harry away, taking the survivors and the crying Rita to safety.

This part only exists if the player uses Kevin Ryman:

Kevin comforts a crying Rita, telling her that Marvin has not died yet, and is yet to train the new police recruits.

Back at the station, an injured Marvin, having killed the attacking zombies, walks into the west office. He states that he is "not dead yet."


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The starting location changes depending on the difficulty level:

  • On EASY mode, the player starts off in the Main hall.
  • On NORMAL mode, the player starts off in the East office.
  • On HARD mode, the player starts off in the parking garage.
  • On VERY HARD mode, the player starts in the other side of the waiting room.

Plate collecting

Depending on the difficulty being played, you'll start the game up in different places, and as such, the jeweled plates will be located in different areas. Before you can start doing anything, keep in mind that not only you need as many ammunition as possible, you also need to carry a Gas Neutralizer canister. In several circumstances, the area will be filled with nervous gas which makes the infection rate of your character raise quicker. Use the neutralizer in order to purge the area from the nervous gas. The neutralizer cans are commonly found in the Main Hall, as the hall also serves as a safe haven (there is a typewriter machine on the desk near Rita).

The main objective of this scenario is to help Rita open the secret passageway so Rita can find help. The passageway is hidden under the statue in the Main Hall, with a Unicorn Medal placed on the circular pedestal under the statue's feet. Remove it in order to fit the jeweled plates on the pedestal.

Below is the location of the five jeweled plates required to open the secret passageway:

  • Sapphire Plate - Given upon completion of Ben Bertolucci's side quest (fixed for all levels)
  • Amethyst Plate - Found in Witness Interrogation Room (Normal) or Autopsy Room (Hard)
  • Onyx Plate - Found in Marvin's Cubicle, East Office (Normal) or the Kennel (Hard)
  • Emerald Plate - Found in Autopsy Room (Normal) or the other side of Waiting Room (Hard)
  • Ruby Plate - Found in Waiting Room west side (Easy and Normal) or Witness Interrogation Room (Hard) or Waiting Room east side (Very Hard)

Once all plates are inserted, Rita will seek for help, while Marvin guards the front gate and later being bitten by a zombie. During this time, gather as many ammo and health items as you can before the final encounter.

Optional: Keep Marvin waiting

While dozens of zombies invade this area and you have to kill most of them and survive for a time until the scene is finished. You can talk to Marvin and choose "Yes " to begin the final battle, or you can choose to collect some items and weapons and do some events before the confrontation.

The second option is indicated for better utilization of the scenario, but the instructions from here are optional and, anyway, you are in a sort of countdown to this invasion, so be quick. Take Padlock and Key Film in the ground. Go down the stairs and use the shortcut to get to the garage. Between the gate that is now open to find herbs, Magnum ammo, the Film and a D Sub Machine Gun. Go back to the garage, through the door with red light and go to the " Kennel ". A police officer will be dropped in the last cell and, beside it, the Ace Key and Film C. Leave this place and go talk to that reporter who is in the cell of another runner. Delivered three Films him to get some items (a First Aid Spray, a Recovery Medicine and other Sub Machine Gun). Go back to the garage and enter the door next to the soda machine. Proceed down the hall and up the stairs.

Go through this hallway, enter the door to return to the first room of the scenario and go through the next door (with a small white light on the side). Here the police will be dead and you can take your HP and handgun ammo. Climb the stairs and enter the door. Go through the door ahead. Being on the right side of " Waiting room " again, go into the trunk and use the Ace Key to unlock the safe. Inside there will be ammo Sub Machinegun and a Magnum handgun. Leave this room and enter the last door of this corridor to get to the " Rooftop ". Use the Padlock Key to unlock the gate at his side and in between. You'll find Plywood Boards against the wall. Take some with you and head immediately to the entrance gate.

If you brought the boards, put them at the gates, but it does not actually prevent the invasion of zombies. If you brought the Film B, use the shortcut from the garage to take him to Ben and get another Magnum handgun. Speak to Marvin to initiate the invasion.


If the invasion cutscene interrupted you or if you had Marvin to gather the survivors, you will have to face the zombie hordes and leave anything you forgot to bring for the next time you play this scenario, because the police will be inaccessible during the final battle. Unload all your ammo on the zombies and blow the red jars when zombies are crowded near them. Remember not to get attacked because it'll make you like a sitting duck here. Based on the difficulties and the game mode (online or offline), you may have to take down a certain number of zombies before the battle ends. After some time the final cutscene took place and the scenario is finished.

Event Checklist

  1. Opened safe in east office (20pts)
  2. Opened safe in waiting room (40pts)
  3. Gave film to Ben (30pts)
  4. Gave film to Ben (50pts)
  5. Removed unicorn medal (10pts)
  6. Opened secret door in hallway (30pts)
  7. Used onyx plate (20pts)
  8. Used ruby plate (20pts)
  9. Used sapphire plate (20pts)
  10. Used emerald plate (20pts)
  11. Used amethyst plate (20pts)
  12. Opened parking garage shutter (30pts)
  13. Connected garage to main hall (20pts)
  14. Boarded up front entrance (20pts)
  15. Moved patrol car in garage (30pts)
  16. Opened Kevin's locker (20pts)
  17. Opened Kevin's desk drawer (20pts)
  18. Unlocked Jean's desk drawer (40pts)
  19. Unlocked drawer in reception (30pts)
  20. Unlocked 1F hall shelf (30pts)
  21. Used padlock key (40pts)
  22. Obtained all maps (20pts)
  23. Obtained "Station memo" (10pts)
  24. Obtained "Police notice" (10pts)
  25. Obtained "Secret file" (10pts)
  26. Obtained "Marvin's memo" (10pts)
  27. Obtained "Emergency orders A" (10pts)
  28. Obtained "Emergency orders B" (10pts)
  29. Obtained "Police diary" (20pts)
  30. Obtained "Bizarre case file" (20pts)
  31. Obtained "Resume envelope" (20pts)



Further notes

  • David King has different camera angles in his ending.
  • In the waiting room where you find one of the plates (And where the player starts on very hard mode) there is a item box from previous Resident Evil series. There is actually an item box in that room in Resident Evil 2. It is, however, unused in this scenario, but only usable to push and climb up.
  • When the scenario is completed by Kevin you can see a speeding police car heading towards the station pass the SWAT van. Although the edited models of Kevin and Cindy present inside the car are supposed to be Leon and Claire,[1][2] this is not the case as this scenario takes place most likely on September 28 as Jill Valentine is the first to notice Marvin has been fatally wounded by zombies. Leon and Claire visit the police station one day later. Therefore, the police car is merely a non-canon Easter Egg from Resident Evil 2.
  • Ben Bertolucci makes a cameo in this scenario, and is also an unlockable character within the game (If given a roll of film, and then purchased for 3000 points).
  • If an AI character dies in a room by the nervous gas and the player is in a room next to their "dead mark", they will still answer the player if they´re called or talked via ab-lib. Once the player goes to the room, the AI will drop dead as soon the player enters the area.
  • In the Reception Desk room, there is a Licker crawling outside a small window at the back. The Licker also appears in Resident Evil 2 outside the same window.


  1. Police car model datamined from the game:
  2. A frame taken from Kevin's "desperate times" ending, showing Leon's model in the police car:
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