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"A colorless, marquise-cut gem."
— Item examination

Diamond (Marquise) (ダイヤ (マーキス) Daiya (mākisu)?) is a treasure item in Resident Evil 5. It sell for ₦5,000.[1]


This treasure can only be found during the Volcano segment of Chapter 6-3, and only if playing as Chris Redfield.

After landing in the volcano, look along the path; just beyond the discolored rocks that will give way under Chris is a short tunnel created by a pillar that arches over a pathway. Firing any gun at the lower segment of the pillar will cause it to crumble into the lava beneath and create a stepping stone.

When Chris's bridge falls after escaping from Wesker, Chris can jump over the stepping stone to a small island. The Marquise Diamond is on that island.



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