Directions for use of Uroboros Virus is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 5.


The file can be found in an office not far from X-rays photos that is inside the Uroboros Research Facility, during Chapter 5-3.


·This instruction manual contains important information concerning the proper handling and use of the Uroboros virus.
·Using the virus for anything outside the uses listed in this manual may result in the expiration of the handler.
·Using the virus for anything outside the uses listed in this manual may result in the expiration of those within the handler's vicinity.
·Administration of the virus to a test subject usually results in the dissolution, so carefully select your test subjects.
·When using the virus, please follow the instructions in this manual carefully.

Virus dosage is proportional to the subject's weight. Please use the following chart:

60 kg of above......................1 bottle
40 – 60 kg...........................2/3 bottle
20 – 40 kg...........................1/2 bottle
20 kg or less........................1/3 bottle

After injection of the virus, a test subject may experience some or all of the following symptoms:

- Sweating, labored breath, delirium and/or confusion.

After being administered, the virus will recognize and adapt to the test subject's DNA. During that time, the virus will enter a state of dormancy. If it is unsuccessful in adapting to the subject's DNA, it will begin to assimilate organic matter from its immediate environment in order to fuel its growth.

The immediate vicinity around an unsuccessful adaption is extremely volatile. Researchers should be advised to evacuate the vicinity of the test subject's corpse or incinerate it to prevent its spread. The virus will transform the cells inside the test subject's body into black leech-like pustules, then expel them through the skin surface, consuming the subject completely.

The creature displays only primitive intelligence and will search for and prey upon organic matter to fuel its growth. Individually these pustules are not a threat, but as a collective mass they become dangerous to other living organisms and will try to feed on them. Please take extreme caution when handling the virus.

If the virus does adapt to the test subject's DNA, you are required to report it to the proper section immediately.

In the case of rejection of the subject's DNA, or if there are complications disposing of the corpse, please contact the section listed on the attached paper. You will then be instructed on how to deal with your situation.


・ここに書かれた方法以外で取り扱った場合、 あなたの生命を危険にさらす可能性があります。


60キロ以上        = 1本
40キロ以上60キロ未満  = 約2/3本
20キロ以上40キロ未満  = 約1/2本
20キロ未満        = 約1/3本











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