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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Dr. Dirk Miller was a bio-weapons researcher responsible for the Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident.


Shaman dirk miller

Previously a Umbrella researcher, Miller moved on to Alex Wesker's private research projects following the company's demise. Trusted with running her facility on the island, Miller led the Jǐn Dú Project, also known as Kodoku Plan, a project intended to better B.O.W. research by creating mutants and taking samples from the most powerful, a process similar to the Hypnos experiments on Sheena Island. In order to collect enough test subjects, Miller posed as a Shaman to attract the island's local population, who were particularly superstitious. Miller survived all of the experiments, deeming himself fit of Kodoku. After explaining his plans to Claire and survivors, Miller was captured and tortured by Zi Li in an attempt to gain access to his harddrive data. When he gave in, she had him killed.

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